Today, a poster of the fourth season allows to put faces on names. Around the actress Jessica Lange, who manages a circus  not as the others, the mass of physical appearances to part: a woman with beard, Siamese twins, a woman in three breasts or a giant. To these characters will also be added the smallest woman to the world. Her name is Jyoti Amge, is Indian, is 20-year-old and is 62,8 cms for 5 kg.


Oh how i love playing with colour and getting messy ;) 

Photography/Retouch: Amy Spanos 
Model/MUA/Styling: miss-deadly-red
Lipstick (Red hot red)/Foundation (Bisque): besamecosmetics

*Please do NOT remove credits*

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*orders 420 donuts* aha glaze it lmao

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my baby 2jam4u made it ya’ll!!!! OMG OMG OMG

!!!!!!! so important!!!

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rly cool thing to do: train yourself to have they/them be your reflexive go-to pronoun 

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Salvador Dali - The Woman with a Head of Roses (partial)

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some guy who was checking me out caught me checking the girl in front of us out and we lowkey shared a special moment…

then I made a stank face and walked away….

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sorry im poor i cant afford to pay attention

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the elevators here are whimsical

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